The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

Entry to the IF Competition 2009 (17th place) and the Post-Comp-Comp 2009 (2nd place), English language, Z-Code.

The second release fixes some issues people were having and extends the game on many points.


Release 2


The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man takes motifs of many classic invisible man stories. The most notable influence, however, is The Steel Claw. Here are a few images to get you in the right mood:
Steel Claw 1
Steel Claw 3
Steel Claw 4
Another side of the protagonist is this:

Reviewer's Quotes

(Don't we all just love quotes way out of context?)

"This was an excellent competition entry." -- Rob Menke
"It's insane." -- Philip Armstrong
"Damn, it's like this game was written just for me." -- Riff Conner
"I didn't like this game at all until the end. Then, at the end, I saw what the author was doing, and I laughed." -- Conrad
"Actually that is quite believable." -- Ben Dixon
"Does the invisibility potion make me stupid too?" -- Shane Fitzgerald-Gale
"The envelope puzzle was clever." -- David Fletcher
"It's pretty well coded and written, and reads like the author has a good sense of humor and good sense of fun." -- Jeremy Freese
"Invisibility can be both a boon and a bane, it appears, and I liked the fact that the puzzles originate organically from this premise." -- Christopher Huang
"This should be like diagnostic #1 for telling whether your lab assistant is developing archvillain tendencies and should be turned in to the university counseling services." -- Yoon Ha Lee
"What is this, the 1980s?" -- Juhana Leinonen
"I approve. Approve! APPROVE!" -- Jenni Polodna
"That's a classic trope of invisible men." -- George Shannon
"There are a handful of reasonably clever puzzles in here." -- Dan Shiovitz
"The game does a pretty good job of making you get into the part you're playing." -- tenjouutena.
"It was funny over-the-top." -- Matt Weiner

You can find the full reviews through the game's listing at the IF Wiki.

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